The Raw Chocolate Co Gift Pouch

Product Description

These gorgeous pouches of chocolate covered raw fruits make a gorgeous gift, or keep them for yourself so you always have a tasty snack on hand.

Golden Berries Ingredients:  cacao mass*, golden berries* (31%), coconut palm sugar*, cacao butter*, cacao powder*.

Goji Berries Ingredients: raw cacao mass*, raw goji berries* (31%), coconut palm sugar*, virgin cacao butter*, cacao powder*.

Raisins Ingredients: raw raisins* (44%, includes sunflower oil), raw cacao mass*, coconut palm sugar*, virgin cacao butter*, cacao powder*.

Mulberries Ingredients: raw mulberries* (44%), raw cacao mass*, coconut palm sugar*, virgin cacao butter*, cacao powder*.

Vanoffe Mulberries Ingredients: mulberries* (40%), cacao butter*, lucuma*, coconut sugar*, cacao powder*, vanilla*.

*=certified organic ingredient. Fairtrade ingredients= cacao and vanilla.

May contain traces of nuts.


 Typical values per 100g Golden Goji Raisins
Energy 2106kJ 482kCal 2051kJ 492kCal 1922kJ 460kCal
Fat 31.9g 31.4g 24.0g
of which saturates 19.1g 19.8g 15.3g
Carbohydrates 44.6g 43.0g 53.8g
of which sugars 27.6g 32.4g 46.8g
Protein 7.7g 9.9g 6.3g
Salt 0.64g 0.34g 0.50g


 Typical values per 100g Mulberries Vanoffee
Energy 1946kJ/461kCal 2007kJ/480kCal
Fat 24.5g 25.0g
of which saturates 15.2g 15.6g
Carbohydrates 53.6g 60.1g
of which sugars 30.4g 29.2g
Protein 6.8g 3.5g
Salt 0.60g 0.20g

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