Marigold Engevita Nutritional Yeast Flakes with B12

Product Description

Engevita yeast flakes are a primary inactive yeast of the genus Saccharomyces cerevisiae, grown on molasses and are a rich source of B vitamins and minerals. Engevita has a cheesy, nutty taste, so is perfect for making vegan cheese sauces, or sprinkling on top of salads, soups, mashed potato and pasta dishes.

Ingredients: dried inactive yeast.


 Typical values per 100g per 5g serving %NRV per 5g
Energy 1439kJ 343kCal 72kJ 17kCal
Fat 4.0g 0.2g
of which saturates 0.7g 0.0g
Carbohydrates 36.9g 1.9g
of which sugars 12.4g 0.6g
Fibre 22.0g 1.1g
Protein 51.0g 2.6g
Salt 0.2g 0.0g
Thiamin B1 45mg 2.3mg 209%
Riboflavin B2 18mg 0.9mg 64%
Niacin B3 341mg 17.1mg 107%
Vitamin B6 34mg 1.7mg 121%
Folic Acid 4.4mg 220mcg 110%
Vitamin B12 44mcg 2.2mcg 88%
Biotin 196mcg 9.8mcg 20%
Pantothenic Acid B5 140mg 7.0mg 117%
Iron 5.0mg 0.3mg 2%
Zinc 120mg 6.0mg 60%
Vendor : Marigold

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